The best advice I ever received when looking to buy my first concealed carry gun was "Get what you like best."

I made several trips to the range to try out different handguns and did more research than I ever had on any school assignment.

In the end, after all that time and energy, I made a mistake and bought the gun with a cheaper price tag. The majority of my decision was based on price. Overall the gun cost me less than $400 because I didn't want to spend $200 more.

Did I shoot well with it? Yes. Was it comfortable? It was ok. Did I love it? For about a week.

My advice to anyone looking for a concealed carry gun is to buy the gun you want and shoot the best. Do your research, ask questions, and don't go with the cheaper option that the gun store clerk at Cabela's recommends.

If the gun you want costs a little more then wait a month or two and save for it. When you walk out of the gun store with a purchase you'll already loose 25% of it's value if you try to resell it. You won't make back the money you "Saved". Waiting a little time to buy the gun you REALLY want will be worth it.

In the end, you'll just save more time and money buying what you actually want!


I ended up selling my Walther PPSM2. After, I bought my Sig Sauer P365 and I haven't found anything compares to how much I like this gun.

Although the Walther was a great gun, I had a hard time concealing it, it was only a 6+1, and I didn't shoot it as well as I did with my SIG. I'm very happy with what I have now and my only regret is I wished I had bought it sooner.